"L'operatore perforato" 1979
Film 16 mm bianco e nero, muto, 18 ftg/s, 10'

L’operatore perforato. Film desunto da uno spezzone di un vecchio e anonimo film Pathé avente la ben nota perforazione centrale a cui sono stati aggiunti brevi frammenti estranei. Al cntro della perforazione un operatore sconosciuto tenta in qualche modo di filmare parte di una storia (disé, di chi?) apparentemente riuscendoci. Implacabile, la perforazione centrale scassa e disturba l’immagine dell’operatore, diventando essa stessa protagonista centrale, sino a diventare quasi uno schermo anzi, schermo.

L’operatore perforato [The Perforated Operator] A film derived from a scrap of an old and anonymous Pathé film with the well-known center perforations [of the 9.5mm format]. Constructed through multiple passes and optical set-ups using very few images from an anonymous stock shot to which brief, extraneous fragments have been added. In the middle of the perforation an unknown camera operator tries to somehow film part of a story (of what? of whom?) with some apparent success. Inexorably, the center perforation breaks into and disturbs the images of the camera operator, itself becoming the central protagonist, to the point, however, of becoming almost a screen or rather, actually a screen. A film dedicated to the perforation on fifty centimeters of film of a camera operator found and then perforated.